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Our most frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about the Tiki-Taka League that you haven't been able to find the answer to yet? Then you've come to the right place. We have made a list of questions per category.

About Tiki Taka & your team

What is the Tiki Taka League?

Tiki-Taka is the friends competition in Twente for every football fan who wants to play a game on a weekday evening. In spring, summer, autumn and winter you can participate in exciting editions full of excitement and fun.

How many people should my team consist of at least?

We recommend selecting a minimum of 7 players for the 5v5 editions and a minimum of 8 players for the 7v7 editions. There is no maximum.

Our team is not complete, now what?

No problem! We help you with the search for "loan players" so that you and your team can shine every week.

Who is the Tiki-Taka League for?

Groups of friends, colleagues, families and students are all very welcome. At the moment, the offer is aimed at adult men and women between 18 and 40 years old with a special discount for students.

Where are the matches played?

At the sports complex of V.V. Rigtersbleek at the G.J. van Heekstraat 15 in Enschede. The matches are played on an artificial turf field or grass field.

When does the Tiki-Taka League start?

The kick-off depends on the edition, which can be found on our offer page, and the matches are played on Thursday or Friday evenings between 18:00-22:00.

How long does the league last?

The competition lasts 8 weeks – a tournament is organized on the last match day – and you play one match of 50 minutes (7v7) or 45 minutes (5v5) every week

What can I win?

The winners of each league receive a unique cup and have a chance to win tickets for a home match at FC Twente with the entire team. This draw will take place after the end of the final group.

How many opponents does the league consist of?

The league consists of 8 teams per league.

What about the tournament on the last matchday?

The last matchday is a tournament in which the top 4 teams compete against each other and the bottom 4 teams. You will receive more information about this during the competition.

Other questions

What about clothes?

The teams have the option to order a team uniform. This kit consists of a shirt, pants, socks and is standard printed with a back number of your choice, team name and a logo of the Tiki-taka league. There is a choice of 24 color combinations. Optionally you can have your own team logo printed. The alternative is to take care of your own clothing where it is a requirement that the color composition of the shirt and pants is equivalent. Vests are also available if necessary.

What does it cost to participate?

The total price per team for the 5v5 editions: 7 people *7 euros * 8 weeks = 392 euros per team. The total price per team for the 7v7 editions: 8 people * 7 euros * 8 weeks = 448 euros. A discount (5%) applies to students

When do I have to pay?

Once all teams have been registered, the captain will receive an invoice with the participation costs on behalf of the entire team. The payment term is 14 days so that there is enough time for each player to pay his share to the captain.

Where can I find the schedule and standings?

You can find live standings and the complete schedule on the Tiki-Taka League website.

Can other facilities at the sports complex be used?

Yes, you can use the shower and changing room as well as the canteen.

What are the game rules?

Download the game rules at the bottom of the website.

How does the scoring work?

In the weekly matches you earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. With 7 matches you can earn a total of 21 points. During the final pool you play against each opponent 1 more time and you can earn extra points (win = 2, draw = 1 and loss = 0).

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